14 Sexist Comments Women Hear In A Lifetime Which Men Will Never Do

When we talk about sexism and what it is for women, it needs to be remembered that it is nothing but lifelong. It is absurd how we haven’t noticed this but it seems rather sad that since a very young age, girls are subjected to sexist comments from almost everyone they know. Sure, these comments won’t be direct nor would they be said apart from other things. These comments are a part of everyday conversation. What most of us fail to realize is that these are sexist and that we need to open our eyes and just see how sexism for women is a lifelong matter.


“Don’t be so bossy.” – Yeah, never be leaders, don’t ever assert your voice and don’t ever feel confident when asking for what is rightfully yours. *clap* * clap*

“You got harassed? What were you wearing that night?” – Always my fault. Alright. Your misogyny bores me.

“Why are you getting so emotional?” – I’m emotional because I’m a human being, but this statement tells me that feeling passionate about something isn’t normal.

“It must be that time of the month.” – Sure, blame everything on hormones because women are run by them, right?

“You can look so pretty if you only tried.” – You can look so clever if you only shut up.

“You don’t want kids? Aren’t you worried you won’t be fulfilled?” – Really? because the only way life can be satisfactory for a woman is by having a child??

“You’re not taking your husband’s last name?” – I’ve always planned to keep my name if I ever marry. Mainly because I like my last name. I like that it ties me to all my siblings.

“Once you marry a man don’t expect to have much freedom” – Are you telling me that marriage = prison? Or that a man can control my life?

“Don’t wear that to school, you’re going to distract the boys.” – This taught me that my education isn’t as important as the boys in my class.

“You’d be much prettier if you smiled.” – What if I don’t feel like smiling? What if I’m having a bad day? What if I’m not trying to appear pretty for you? Doesn’t matter.

“Because you are a girl, that’s why.” – Can someone give me a more relevant excuse? Thanks.

“You’re a woman you belong in the kitchen” – You know what you’re right. Let me grab a knife real quick.

“Who did you get all dressed up for?” – Um great question…how about myself?

“Why did you cut your hair? Boys like it better long.” – Beauty is not measured by how much anyone likes the things about you, it’s measured by how happy you are with yourself.


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