Are you a feminist?

It seems like being a feminist has become the latest trend. All over the social media we see people quoting about feminism, on television we see people discussing feminism, walking on the streets we see that almost every girl owns a “feminist” or “female is future” slogan Tee. So, everyone seems to be a “feminist” lately. But reading this whole article you’ll understand the true concept of this movement and break all the stereotypes that have been spread for a very long time.

  1. Yes, we are talking about the “f” word today and it’s  not a dirty one. I see people struggling and feeling uncomfortable while hearing or talking about feminism, but let me tell you something: A feminist isn’t “a bitch who is jealous of other women”, feminism doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t have morals or dignity, it means that we all should join ower forces so we can be treated like decent human beings.                                                                                                                                     featured_art_chimamanda (1)
  2. Everyone should understand that feminism isn’t about thinking of women as superior human beings, NO! Feminism is about equality. Both men and women are human beings and every human being should have all the human rights. Women are not asking for privileges, we simply want what we deserve, because as Hilary Clinton once said: “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights”.                                                                                                                                              gender-bias-design-aiga-640 
  3. We don’t see men as our enemies, we DO NOT hate men. Actually, the truth is that men can be feminists too. So boys, being a feminist doesn’t make you less of a man, actually, it makes you a better man.                                                                                best-quotes-about-feminism-from-male-celebs-joseph-gordon-levitt-3.jpeg
  4. It is true that feminists fight for women rights and embrace the idea that every woman should be treated with respect. But let’s clear some things up! Feminists’ “target group” doesn’t include only white straight/ cis women. We fight for the right of every woman despite race, skin color, religion, sexuality, sexual orientation, etc. So if you are a racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic or Christianophobic person, you can not be a feminist!                                                                                                      63604822227752154677992072_womens edu cover
  5. Feminists are seen as women who don’t want to get married, have children or even have a relationship. We are seen as cold people who put our career first and that are probably going to end up like the so-called “cat ladies”. The truth is that we are different people with different hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We may be different in so many ways but the only reason that brings us together is our mission. So please stop prejudging, because it is wrong in so many ways.

As you may have understood it by now, considering yourself a feminist just because it is trendy, doesn’t make you one. The idea of being a feminist might make you feel like you’re doing the right thing, but taking actions that improve the situation is what you should really do! Realise who you are, get to know yourself and your values, decide for yourself, raise your voice, don’t let anyone disrespect you, spread the word, be the voice of other women and help them find their strength. And this is how you become a true feminist!


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Prepared: Marsilda Kondi


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