Online feminism

The feminist movement repeatedly declared dead by mainstream media is actually very much alive — and it’s online.

The feminist blogosphere has become a space for social activism and encouraging change. And we LOVE IT!

What is online feminism?

The largest innovation in
feminism in the last 50 years
that harnesses the power of
online media platforms to
discuss, uplift, and activate
gender equality and social

Social media democratized feminist activism, opening up participation to anyone with a social media account and a desire to fight the patriarchy. By removing the barriers of distance and geography, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram have made activism easier than ever, facilitating public dialogues and creating a platform for awareness and change. But feminist social media activism doesn’t just raise awareness – it has generated tangible results, too.  Social media, specifically hashtags, and online campaigns have given women around the world a voice. It has shed light on women’s issues that were not previously discussed and enhances conversations around topics not covered by mainstream media. It triggers participation for real-life campaigns. And in many cases, these seemingly simple hashtags have instigated change.


There is still a long way to go, and social media activism alone won’t solve the world’s problems. But it has potential to be a powerful force for women trying to fight back against sexism.

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