How media portrays wo/men daily

Media plays a great role in social norms, human behavior and influencing people in their way of thinking. TV, internet, papers have a huge impact on the people nowadays. Medias have become a “show”, competing between each other on who gains the largest number of audience, disregarding morals and equality. Characters playing in this “show” have different roles and different purposes.

Genders (characters) are shaped and portrayed by media in such a way that they
keep their target audience numbers as large as possible. They are objectified. In 75% of
the TV shows, series, movies, online or TV news, females are chosen based on their
beauty. Not on how presentable they are and how they take care of themselves, but on
their physical appearance. 90% of the male characters that have a lead role in any of the media have to be good looking and try to portray the “perfect” masculine characteristics. Media gives people an unreal perception of the perfect female/male.


For example, Big Bang Theory has 4 remarkable geniuses working on physics
portrayed by men and the only girl present in the show throughout the series is the
“stereotypical” female that exists only to create sexual tension between men. The
weather programmes shown in TVs are presented by the perfect female, a thin belly, a
hot body and a hot face. Other families Sunday shows have beautiful girls just in the
background to attract viewers. They are given the right to be seen, but not to be heard.
And very often is taken for granted that these girls have nothing else to show except
their body. Society’s and media’s actions belong together, they are a two-way street.


These examples exist because of the society agreeing to the norms that media has decided. The norms that media has decided are solely based on the society’s actions. There are three kinds of audiences; those that believe everything shown to them
and spread the message they believe in, those that don’t believe what media tells them
but still spread the message they are shown to them to not stray away from the majority,
and those that don’t believe anything and spread their own beliefs. Sadly, the second
type often falls down to the first category and the third type exists in a small amount that
they can’t go against the majority. And the majority wants the objectification of men and
women, more often women than men. And is this majority that media follows.


Not only in shows or movies are women or men objectified, but also advertisements that try to attract customers showing images that leave almost nothing to the imagination are pretty common. Does Tom Ford really need a naked body to sell his products? How is buying a car, related to the image of just a hot girl shown in the ad? Behind the idea that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” hides the media’s idea that girls can be bought with money. And behind the muscular body full of abs hides the media’s idea that girls lust for hot bodies.


Don’t be misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with accepting gender roles and nothing wrong with people embracing these ideas, as long as they are personal choices, not something that media has forced down your throat as a way of thinking or behavior. Media lies and media manipulates. It distorts reality in crazy ways. Regardless of this, gender roles are just roles in this “show”. It depends on the individuals how are
they going to fill their place in the society and how they will behave even if the media
tries to force different perspectives on the genders.


Prepared: Xhois Qarri

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