4 questions we should ask ourselves before we go out to celebrate the 8th of March again!

In 2016, seven (7) cases ended up with murders. Whereas, only in 2017, 1200 cases were registered as a part of ”Family Violence” cases, with five (5) of them ending up tragically. All of these victims were women. Before we go out and celebrate. Before we buy a bouquet of flowers and before we buy shining rings as a symbol of ”love” as a ”National Holiday” we should stop for one minute and think;

Is this a feast in the first place?

Is this really a ”feast” like all others?

Is there anything left to celebrate?

Shall we really close our eyes and with all the possible ignorance congratulate women on ”their special day”?

As strange as it may sound, the answer shall be a definitive YES. It is worth congratulating all those women who beyond every challenge and every problem that arises day by day, manage to get through all these obstacles and deliver a breathing example for our society. But, there is a major problem, which is the country itself. I’m talking about Kosovo, this small country that we’re living in…it doesn’t want examples, it does not let you tackle every problem and be a certain someone that you’ve always dreamed of, and especially it doesn’t let you be who you want to be if you are a woman.

Yes, you’ve read that right, and it is true, unfortunately.

This date, this specific date, should’ve been all about protests, a rebellion in itself, it should’ve been and it should be still a protest against discrimination, against these ”normal” people that walk on the back of all the women of this country. This is its true meaning around the world, but not in Kosovo or even in Albania, this date is considered as a holiday day. We congratulate them on one (1) particular day only to kill and torture them in 364 other days. We give them flowers as a ”loving act” for their ”special day”, while in all other ” normal” days we slap and hit them as hard as we can, and we don’t even care what we use, “as long as we’re beating them it’s fine!”


This country kills women, without even giving a reason why!? This country hosts their killers and stretches their hand of help to these so-called ”MAN” that without a single blush on their face walk freely on land. So, we pray and hope for them, we pray for all the women of this country; for all the mothers and sisters. We pray and hope for better days to come, for a better life status, and we pray and hope for a whole different society…which doesn’t kill or beat them to death. We hope for a country which doesn’t base their mentality upon giving flowers and closing their eyes when it comes to violence upon women. We hope for a country that doesn’t wait for a special ”holiday” to express their love towards women.

Listen here; We are with all of you on this one, and you all belong to this country, not to the graves or to the inhuman fists upon your faces, you all belong to the society which raises beyond discrimination and upon equal rights. Until that happens, we congratulate all the strong independent women who decided to take their life into their own hands and we hope and pray for every soul that does not live anymore due to incapacity of this country to deal with people who didn’t felt manly enough one day and decided to take another life to feel more powerful! Please do not surrender, we are in this together. As difficult as it is, we will win this battle.

Prepared by: Fitim Majkovci, Beat Sexim Kosovo






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