eau-de-parfum-2.pngMy name is Blerta Sejdija and I am an International affairs and diplomacy student. I was born and raised in the Czech Republic but my background is Albanian. I am passionate about women’s rights. I got into women’s rights because I have seen so many women put through so many horrible things. There is so much that women go through that most men don’t have to worry about. It got to the point when I decided to create my own movement. I named it “Beat Sexism”. With this movement, I aim to take a step towards gender equality. Where do I see this project in a few years? I want to make it bigger, I want it to become a worldwide known organization, supporting and empowering women, who deal with harassment sexual, physical, domestic, every kind of harassment and prejudice based on sex. I want men to support this project too. But not only that. It is about time that men stood up for the rights of their mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives.