What is this project about?

It seems to be increasingly difficult to talk about sexism, equality and women’s rights in our society. The point of this project is to show people that sexism is a huge problem. We defend the rights of women and social structure of women. It is faced by women every day and it is a valid problem to discuss. This project aims to take a step towards gender equality, by proving wrong those who tell women that they can’t complain because we are equal. The notion that women are not on the same level as men has been in existence.

What is the goal?

Equality for all women in families and society. We girls have been brought up with that mentality that women must be protected from men at all cost; explain to little girls how to defend themselves, explain to them how to be strong and what sexual harassment and rape are, and how not to be a victim by staying home.

“You need to be safe! When you dress that way, some people read it as an invitation.”

“Never go out alone, never walk alone at night, never drink from an open beverage.”

“Be careful with the way you act and the way you dress — it’s easy to get a bad reputation.”

It’s about time we tell girls to do what they want, regardless of their gender or clothes. We need to stop slut-shaming women and sexually-praising men. People, regardless of their genders, are still people.

How to support the movement?

  • Create a Beat Sexism club in your country! Clubs have a huge impact on girls around the world, empowering both people in their own communities and adolescent girls in developing countries to rise up. Whether you are a student or an adult you can start a club. E-mail beatsexism@gmail.com for more info.
  • Join the movement on Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/beatsexism/
  • Tell your friends about our movement! The more of us, the better.

We share stories of young women that witnessed any kind of harassment. Let’s open our eyes already. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist – and at the same time you are empowering and supporting other women who have been through the exact situation and never found the courage to talk about it.