Things I’d say to my daughter

Some parts of Albanian culture still include stereotypes of how girls and women should behave which leads to many girls feeling pressured. Old sayings like a girl must be diligent when it comes to the household (e vyme, e zoja e puneve te shtepijse) are still very common. Even though our culture is making progress […]

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In Kosovo, legal recognition of war-time sexual violence survivors after 18 years

After almost two decades of silence and stigma, Kosovo women survivors of sexual violence during the armed conflict of 1998 – 1999 will soon get legal recognition and reparations, including financial assistance. Systematic sexual violence against women and girls was a mainstay in the conflict that broke out between ethnic Albanians and Serbian forces in […]

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“My name is Shpresa”

My Name is Shpresa I am 38 years old and a mother of 3 wonderful sons. Other than that, it is hard for me to say who I am or what I like because I do not know. I grew up in a small village somewhere in Kosovo and went to school until 9th grade. […]

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Unë dua të dëgjohem

Grave të dhunuara dhe  torturuara gjatë  luftës në Kosovë, pas vite të tëra vuajtje në heshtje, po u ofrohet një skemë reparacioni – por stigma e të qenit e dhunuar mund t’i shtyjë shumë nga to të mos aplikojnë fare. Dhuna seksuale u përdor si mjet lufte në Kosovë ndaj mijëra grave dhe burrave, me […]

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Women’s participation in politics and decision-making in Albania

Gender equality in political participation is a key element and a prerequisite for advancing the democracy. The improvement of the position of women and gender equality remains a challenge not only for Albania but also for other countries. Although Albania has made some progress in terms of legal framework toward increasing women’s participation in politics […]

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Women in Kosovo’s government

The importance of women’s political participation is recognized internationally. The Convention to End Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) calls upon signatory states to ensure women’s equal right to be eligible for and hold public office. In its 2012 Resolution on Women and Political Participation, the U.N. General Assembly urges all states to: “Strongly encourage political parties […]

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