Beat Sexism, z.s. Charter on the rights and responsibilities of volunteers:


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On 16th May, the founder of Beat Sexism was invited to the VLERA conference in Brussels

The founder of Beat Sexism, Blerta Sejdija was invited to the conference organized by VLERA in Brussels to talk about woman’s position in our society, the aims and future plans of Beat Sexism movement. We thank VLERA for the warm welcoming and a very inspiring conference. #beatsexism



05.05.2019 – Beat Sexism has officially announced that its working on establishing a Beat Sexism apparel

We are happy to announce that there will be soon a Beat Sexism apparel available. Since we’ve started speaking up on the matter of sexism, we’ve always received questions, if we’re going to have our own apparel, the answer was yes, and it has stayed yes!

We want to spread the message of equality through dialogue, community, and activism. We believe that the issues that our project addresses are urgent and require a global societal shift in order for us to solve.

Lastly, we believe that through community empowerment, we will see enough ongoing activism and visibility for the movement as to alter the collective consciousness surrounding the issues of inequality that our project addresses. With the help of our products, our supporters will become ambassadors of promoting gender equality in their communities for others to come for dialogue and support.

You can follow the new account for updates regarding our apparel here: