Through the eyes of a rapist

 group of rapists and date rapists who were serving prison terms were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim. Here are some frightening revelations. Keep in mind that these tips are regarding rape cases that are caused by strangers. Because as we know the majority of rapists already know the victim, but […]

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Discrimination of 21st century

Being a woman and student at the same time in Japan is way more complicated than one could think of. Imagine you’re a high school graduate and your passion is medicine, so you decide to apply to Tokyo’s Medical University, one of Japan’s top medical schools. You spent months on preparations to only find out […]

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Women’s March 2019 in Germany

Many of you have asked about the Women’s March 2019 in Germany – it’s definitely happening, so mark your calendars and save the date! In 2017, women and men of diverse backgrounds, on all seven continents, gathered to show their support for a society that respects and defends the rights of women. This movement may […]

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Matriarchy, a myth?

Prepared by: Xhois Qarri, Beat Sexism Italy Shanklin and Love wrote that “when we hear the word ‘matriarchy’, we are conditioned to a number of responses: that matriarchy refers to the past and that matriarchies have never existed; that matriarchy is a hopeless fantasy of female domination, of mothers dominating children, of women being cruel […]

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USA, where sexual assault is rewarded with a seat on the Supreme Court

Prepared by: Blerta Sejdija The Brett Kavanaugh vote was a test of machismo. Machismo is more than just sexism, chauvinism or even misogyny; it’s the belief that men are superior to women. It also refers to the culture that enforces that belief, one which protects male domination and social standing through subjugation, stereotypes and a […]

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Invasion of privacy

Prepared by: Nita Cakolli, Beat Sexism USA Many people, both men and women, believe that it is morally wrong for a woman to have been involved with a large number of life partners or sexual partners. Labels such as “whore” and “slut” are placed on women immediately. When it comes to being sexually active, women […]

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