Women and religion?

Do women deserve to have equal rights with men? Yes. Does it say so in religion? Absolutely not. I should specify though, that not all religions depict women as inferior to men. But also that not even one religion believes in gender equality. Because of the recent attacks the world has started being more cautious […]

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How media portrays wo/men daily

Media plays a great role in social norms, human behavior and influencing people in their way of thinking. TV, internet, papers have a huge impact on the people nowadays. Medias have become a “show”, competing between each other on who gains the largest number of audience, disregarding morals and equality. Characters playing in this “show” […]

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Remove the barriers

In every country around the world, women face multiple barriers and gender-based discrimination in the workplace. The discrimination sets in early—from the kind of education girls get or till which age, to the kind of work they are channeled into. In both private and public spheres, women face occupational segregation, and multiple barriers—such as lack […]

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Online feminism

The feminist movement repeatedly declared dead by mainstream media is actually very much alive — and it’s online. The feminist blogosphere has become a space for social activism and encouraging change. And we LOVE IT! What is online feminism? The largest innovation in feminism in the last 50 years that harnesses the power of online […]

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